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Free SMS receive online

Receive SMS online from countries around the world for development test purpose.

Receive online free SMS messages forever and without registration.

Receive SMS messages online for free with no registration or credit card required.

Receive SMS online

We provide you a free service of receiving SMS messages from all over the world for testing, registration or logging into web services or applications.

Our service is free, but if you want to have a number just for you and not to share with others, you can buy it from us. is one of the many online services that allow you to receive SMS messages online. It provides temporary phone numbers for receiving SMS messages from various countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden and the Puerto Rico. is considered to be a fast site. The site is designed to provide a quick and easy way to receive SMS messages online, and it uses a clean and simple interface that should be easy to use. However, keep in mind that the speed of the site may depend on factors like your internet connection speed and the location of the temporary phone number you are using. Additionally, the speed at which you receive SMS messages may also depend on factors like the sender’s location and the mobile carrier they are using. Overall, is a popular and reliable site for receiving SMS messages online. can be useful for testing SMS services. It allows you to simulate the experience of receiving an SMS message as if you were a real user, without having to use your personal phone number.
This can be particularly helpful for developers and businesses who are testing their SMS messaging service.

This is a platform that provides temporary numbers for services around the world, including SMS code acceptance, phone number rental, SMS marketing, SMS API and many other cool features.

With this services platform for receive sms online, people need not worry about their privacy and phone numbers being the possession of other people. This service are offering temporary phone numbers which people can use to create accounts and verify the same.

Looking for a reliable OTP SMS service? offers some of the best OTP SMS services out there. With our user-friendly interface and affordable pricing, we are your best choice for all your OTP SMS needs. Sign up today and enjoy our services!

The fastest online service for receiving sms messages

Want to receive live SMS and text online for free? Send and receive free short sms using a temporary virtual number.

Why do people want this service for receive sms online free? Because it facilitates:

· On the question if you are bot
· Receiving website and application verification codes
· For testing new applications, applications that require verification via SMS messages.
· Communicating without leaving personal data
· Avoiding unwanted vendor sales calls and texts
· Accessing websites requiring country specific phone numbers

What truly sets apart from our competitors is our unparalleled focus on customer service.

Send and receive free SMS via API

Easy integration just for your needs and applications.

Receive absolutely free SMS

Our SMS online receiver service is completely free and always free. Every SMS you receive either by some number or text is free.

Very fast SMS service

Messages sent to our mobile phone numbers arrive in few seconds.

International Mobile Phone numbers

We have temporary mobile phone numbers from 10+ different countries. is short message service.

It is a text messaging service that allows users to receive live messages over the Internet.
We are always trying to make the best possible experience for our users, so we always try to give you free sms receive online for the purpose of testing your services and projects. When dealing with a new service it is important to be sure you are getting exactly what you need.

We receive SMS online from all over the world to our phone numbers in the Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, France, United Kingdom, India, Israel, Lithuania, Netherlands, Serbia, Sweden, United States.

Before using our services, you should know the phone numbers available here are shared numbers and are temporary. The content of the message is accessible by every user. Please do not use these phone numbers to receive important messages or PINs. These phone numbers should not be used for any sensitive transactions and for any illegal uses.
By using this website, you accept personal responsibility for the results of your actions.

Both our Technical and Sales Team are ready for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Overall, is a simple and convenient way to receive SMS messages online without having to use your personal phone number.

Free SMS receive has also undergone various updates and improvements over the years, which has helped to enhance its functionality and user experience.

Find The Right Disposable Phone Number

Free SMS receive USA

United States virtual phone numbers

United States virtual phone numbers for receive SMS

Free SMS receive CANADA

Canada virtual phone numbers

Canada virtual phone numbers for receive SMS

Free SMS receive Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico virtual phone numbers

Puerto Rico virtual phone numbers for receive SMS

Free SMS receive UK - United Kingdom

United Kingdom virtual phone numbers

United Kingdom virtual phone numbers for receive SMS

Free SMS receive SWEDEN

Sweden virtual phone numbers

Sweden virtual phone numbers for receive SMS

Q: What is “Receive SMS online”?

A: “Receive SMS online” is a website or online service that provides users with temporary or virtual phone numbers that can receive SMS messages. Users can use these virtual numbers to receive text messages without using their personal phone numbers.

Q: How does “Receive SMS online” work?

A: “Receive SMS online” websites work by offering a selection of virtual phone numbers from various countries. Users can choose a number and use it to receive SMS messages from any sender. When a message is sent to the virtual number, it is displayed on the website’s platform for the user to read.

Q: What is the purpose of using “Receive SMS online”?

A: The main purpose of using “Receive SMS online” is application testing, maintain privacy and anonymity when receiving text messages. It is often used for online verifications, sign-ups on websites or apps, and accessing SMS-based services without revealing one’s personal phone number.

Q: Do I need to register or provide personal information to use the service?

A: In most cases, no registration or personal information is required to use “Receive SMS online” services. Users can typically access virtual phone numbers directly from the website without creating an account.

Q: Can I use the received SMS for any purpose?

A: The usage of received SMS messages depends on the terms of service of the “Receive SMS online” website. Some platforms allow the messages to be used for various purposes, while others may have restrictions on their use.

Q: Are the virtual phone numbers provided reusable?

A: Virtual phone numbers offered by “Receive SMS online” services are often temporary and can be used by multiple users. Once a number is used for a specific period, it may be rotated and assigned to a different user.

Q: Is it free to use “Receive SMS online” services?

A: Many “Receive SMS online” services offer free access to virtual phone numbers. However, some may have premium features or charge for certain functionalities.

Q: How long are the received SMS messages available on the website?

A: The retention period for received SMS messages varies depending on the service provider. Some websites may store messages for a few hours, while others might keep them for a few days.

Q: Can I reply to the received SMS messages?

A: While some “Receive SMS online” platforms allow limited replies to received messages, the functionality is often restricted compared to using a regular mobile device.

Q: Is it safe to use “Receive SMS online” for sensitive information?

A: Using “Receive SMS online” for sensitive information is generally not recommended, as the service’s security and privacy may vary. It’s better to avoid sharing sensitive information through such platforms.

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